What's RecoMentor?

From "I didn't know" to "my favorite"

Meet your favorite whisky and find out more about the types of whisky.

The unknown awaits you.
This world has countless hidden delights that are hidden from view.
Each discovery can enrich your life in new and interesting ways.

RecoMentor is here to help you make those discoveries.
The more favorites you discover, the more RecoMentor learns and remembers what you like.
This way, each discovery just gets better and better.
Before you know it, you will be surrounded by favorites you never knew existed.

Discover the unknown.
Discover RecoMentor.

RecoMentor is a flavor search tool.
We offer three types of searches: Flavor Chart, Flavor Tags, and Flavor Wheel.
Search intuitively for alcohol flavors in a way not possible with conventional text search.
Visualize flavors visually. Our tool scientifically analyzes "flavor elements" derived during liquor production and visualizes them with the help with top tasters.

Feature 01 / Flavor Chart

The Flavor Chart visualizes the "six flavor elements" derived from the whiskey manufacturing process.
Learn about flavors, visualize the brewing process, and discover your new favorite drink.

Search by Flavor Chart

Search by Flavor Chart

Feature 02 / Flavor Tags

Use Flavor Tags to search for all kinds of alcohol flavors.
We have over 70 tags for each alcohol variety.


Search by Flavor Tag

Feature 03 / Flavor Wheel

This chart visualizes whiskey aromas. It is based on the aroma chart provided by AROMASTER (, a leading world authority on alcohol flavors.
Investigate the aromas of well-known whiskey brands and learn more about the specifics of whiskey flavors.

Search by Flavor Wheel

Search by Flavor Wheel

authentication system

We use reliable flavor data created with the help Japan's leading tasters and bartenders.

Tsuyoshi Kitakaji

Tsuyoshi Kitakaji
This is a new system that lets you search for whiskey by its taste. The flavor data comes from real professional tasters. Users can also find shops and bars where the beverages are available. The RecoMentor series will enhance and enrich your your whiskey lifestyle.

Hideaki Kurashima

Hideaki Kurashima
This is a revolutionary new system that lets you search anytime and anywhere for whiskey with the flavors you desire.
The app is easy to use, and I think many people will be able to use it comfortably. Please trust in the abilities of us professional tasters.

Tatsuro Fujii

Tatsuro Fujii
This is a convenient app that lets you search for and select the kinds of whiskey you want to drink.
It is easy to understand visually and beginner-friendly.
It also works great as a conversation-starter, a reference when choosing a drink at the store or a bar, or as a self-education tool for your own tasting.
More than 1,500 types of registered whisky data

Scotch whisky, but also Japanese whisky, American whisky, and Flavour data for Canadian whisky and a wide range of other whiskies are already included.
We will continue to expand the flavour data on whisky.

professional taster

Takeshi Kitakaji
President of RUDDER Co.
Hideaki Kurashima
Master of Whiskey, Taster for Whisky Galore magazine, WHISKY SHOP Manager of the LIQUORS HASEGAWA store
Tatsuro Fujii
Owner of Bar Eclipse first (Kanda), bartender and whisky lecturer
Kazunori Shizutani
President of Royal Mile, Bar LlVET, Shinjuku Whisky Owner of Salon Liquor House Shizuya, Master of Whiskey, Taster for Whisky Galore magazine
Hidetoshi Maekawa
Bartender, owner of shamrock (Kagawa)
Yosuke Murakami
Takashi Matsuki
Head and jaw surgeon, "Whisky Galore" magazine taster, writer of the blog "Days of the Stoic Drinker"
Yoshishige Yaku
Doctor, member of JAPAN MENSA, writer of the whisky blog "Drinkers Lounge"
Muneyuki Yoshimura
Liquor Shop M's Tasting Room Manager and author of "The Science of Good Whisky"
Shinichi Shirai
Owner of Beer & Bourbon Milwaukee's Club (Saitama), editor of "The History of Bourbon"

What is the RecoMentor portal?

A RecoMentor is a recommender, which refers to a recommendation, and The term was coined from the word Mentor, which means mentor, mentor or advisor.
The Recomentor Portal is a flavor database of all kinds of alcoholic beverages from all over the world. . The more you use it, the more it learns about your taste buds, the more it learns about you, the more it learns about your taste buds, the more it learns about you, the more it learns about you, the more it learns about you. This is a portal site that recommends

Starting with whisky, sake, other hard liquors, beer and more, the recommender portal is We will continue to increase the number of product categories we carry.
Whether it's whiskey, sake, wine or other alcoholic beverages, we're going to find out what you like in common. If. To find a common love that transcends the category of alcohol.

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