Begin the flavor journey for "New Delicious!"

"RecoMentor" to your EC or store.You’ll be able to search for products by their taste.

What "RecoMentor" can do for you

It supports all aspects of attracting customers to the store,
improving satisfaction after they visit the store, and purchasing products online.
By proposing new whiskies based on flavors,
We respond to customers' "I want to try it."

Making use of RecoMentor data

RecoMentor for EC
By linking data with your e-commerce or online store,
Flavor chart and tags can now be displayed.
For the first time in the EC industry,
it will be possible to search for similar products based on flavor.
It can be implemented on a variety of EC platforms, including the following.

If you would like to apply directly, please proceed to the purchase page below.
Depending on the EC platform you are using, initial development costs may be incurred separately.

RecoMentor for EC Application Page

Realization of new product proposals based on flavors

Main functions and options
  • Flavor chart display
  • Flavor tags display
  • Similar Products Search
  • Maintenance Support Services
  • Support for new EC creation
  • Create special pages in EC
  • Campaign plan
  • Ability to add products/set inventory
  • etc.
Installation Procedure
  1. Setting up the system
    After applying for the service, we will receive a list of products to be listed.
    We will develop a way to connect the functionality of RecoMentor to your website.
    We can also create a new EC for you.
  2. Publish admin page
    We will design an additional function that will allow you to set up the display of flavor data on the administration screen of your regular website.
    Once added, you can freely configure the settings from the screen.
  3. Start using
    Use the administration screen to set up your products and manage your inventory. After the setup, please operate the site as you normally would.

Improve satisfaction after visiting the store

What is RecoMentor Pro?
Use our "Flavor Search" to easily find the perfect product for your customers' tastes.
For the first time in history, search for whiskey by the magnitude of its flavors like smokiness or sweetness.
Dazzle your customers with this new search technology.

A direct link between your menu and the three search functions!

Main Functions
  • Electronic menu function
  • Multilingual capability
  • Product search function
  • Flavor tag search function
  • Flavor chart display and search function
  • Similar product search function
  • Menu and inventory setting function
How to install
  1. Install the app
    Download "RecoMentor Pro" from the App Store
    App Store
    The app is for iPad only.
    Please see your respective service provider for device preparation.
  2. Management window
    After confirming the Terms of Use, you will be issued an ID and password used to login to the application.
  3. Start using the app
    Login to RecoMentor Pro with the issued ID and password.

    Operating environment: supports iPad iOS 13 or higher, 10.2 inch screen recommended
How to Setup

Request for Price List/Inquiry

If you would like to apply directly, please go to the purchase page below.

RecoMentor for EC Application Page

Support for attracting customers

Store recognition and customer attraction
At the same time as using RecoMentor Pro,
you can You can automatically apply to be listed on GURUNAVI.
Through the various services provided by GURUNAVI,
you will be able to attract more customers.。
Various support options
  • Rakuten GURUNAVI Takeout
  • Google My Business
  • TripAdvisor
  • Business Support
  • Help wanted advertisements
  • etc.
  • This software is for paid members only.
  • For the implementation of RecoMentor for EC and RecoMentor Pro,
    there is an initial setup fee that includes menu setup and flavor data configuration.
  • The introduction of the service is subject to a separate monthly fee.
  • We can also assist you in maintaining menus for your store upon request.
    (The software comes with management software that allows the user to perform basic maintenance tasks.)
  • To order a price list or to make an inquiry, please contact us from the following link. (This will launch a mailer.)


Request for Price List/Inquiry

If you would like to order RecoMentor for EC directly,
please go to the purchase page below.

RecoMentor for EC Application Page