Begin the flavor journey
for "New Delicious!"

RecoMentor Pro. Expert assistance for professionals.

What is RecoMentor Pro?
Use our "Flavor Search" to easily find the perfect product for your customers' tastes.
For the first time in history, search for whiskey by the magnitude of its flavors like smokiness or sweetness.
Dazzle your customers with this new search technology.

A direct link between your menu and the three search functions!

Main Functions
  • Electronic menu function
  • Multilingual capability
  • Product search function
  • Flavor tag search function
  • Flavor chart display and search function
  • Similar product search function
  • Menu and inventory setting function
How to install
  1. Install the app
    Download "RecoMentor Pro" from the App Store
    App Store
    The app is for iPad only.
    Please see your respective service provider for device preparation.
  2. Management window
    After confirming the Terms of Use, you will be issued an ID and password used to login to the application.
  3. Start using the app
    Login to RecoMentor Pro with the issued ID and password.

    Operating environment: supports iPad iOS 13 or higher, 10.2 inch screen recommended
  • This software is for paid subscribers only.
  • There is an initial setup fee that covers menu setup and flavor data settings.
  • There is also a separate monthly fee of 800 yen (excludes tax, charged automatically after credit card registration).
  • We also provide support for store menu maintenance, etc. upon request.
    (The software comes with management software which allows the user to carry out basic maintenance operations.)


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Application form for using RecoMentor Pro

Sign up for RecoMentor Pro by the end of August and you will be entered in a lottery for luxury prizes!

  • Sterling silver julep cup
  • Leather bar tool bag
  • Leather apron
  • Oak bottle
  • Cask ballpoint pen